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We Are Their Voice


Spreading the word and educating people and kids is very important. Knowing the facts can help anyone understand the truths. 

Starting with the kids is important. Here are some ways to help educate children:

​Love and Loyalty - There are not many species on this planet the can brag about the devotion the dogs naturally have. That happy face and wagging tail can really help develop confidence and self-esteem in your child. 

Exercise - We all know that exercise is important for all of us. Having a dog will help your child get outside by going for walks, playing fetch, and swimming. By having your child play and exercise with a dog they learn the importance of it to stay emotionally and mentally balanced. 

The Importance of Family - Families spend more time together after getting a pet. Dogs are naturally pack animals and they bring that out in humans.

Reading - Having your child read to a dog may help them become more confident because of the dog is non-judgmental and the child is more relaxed.

Patience and Compassion - Having your child and dog grow together will help your child learn to be patient and compassionate to their special needs as they get older. 

Silliness - Taking care of a dog will teach responsibility but also remind us to let loose and live in the moment and to have fun doing it. 

Socialization - A study asked kids what advice they have for helping other kids make friends. They answered, get a dog!! Dogs encourage your child to put their communication skills to use. And dogs are easy ice breakers.

Communication - Encourage your child to learn how to read a dog's body language. It will help them pick up on non-verbal communication between humans as well. 

Trust - If your child has trouble opening up, he or she may be comfortable talking to his or her dog, providing a safe outlet.

Responsibility - The more your child is involved in the care of the dog, the more responsibility they will learn.

bsl and shelter stats

This list of facts and stats are compiled from many different studies.

  • The number of euthanized pets has gone down every year but annually there are about 2.7 million healthy shelter pets euthanized. 
  • Pet ownership in 2012 - 83.3 million owned dogs. 20% were adopted from shelters
  • 3-4 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year.
  • Pit Bulls and mixes average about 33% of shelter intakes nationally. In large cities it is as high as 40-65%
  • About 75% of municipal shelters euthanize immediately! 
  • Studies show that 1 million pit bulls are euthanized in a year. That is about 2,800 each day.
  • ​There is a 93% euthanasia rate for pit bulls
  • ​1 in 600 shelter animals find a forever home
  • ​It is at least half a million times more likely that a pit bull will be killed by a human than the other way around.
  • Dogs don’t premeditate bad acts like people do.
  • The strength of a dog bite can vary from breed to breed,  animal to animal, circumstance to circumstance. The strength of the bite of a breed can’t be measured with any accuracy because you can’t teach a dog to bite with consistent force time after time. It will be different every time. Remember when talking about bite force it can only be done in a general way.  There are many variables, but always remember that every circumstance is different. Big dogs have big bites - that is why they are medically reported more than bites from small dogs. The truth is dogs bite for one reason - they are uncomfortable or fearful about a situation that a human has put them in, and the human is not reading the dog's behavior correctly. Dog bite strengths by breed have been measured as follows:
    • ​Pit Bull 235 psi
    • German Shepard 238 psi
    • ​Rottweiler 328 psi
    • ​Doberman 600 psi
    • ​Mastiff 552 psi
    • ​Wolf 406 psi​

why adopt?  adopt, don't shop

Why should you adopt, instead of buying from a breeder or pet store? Here are some reasons why:

1. You will save a life. Sadly, around 3 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States. The number of euthanized pets could be dramatically reduced if more people adopted instead of buying. If you adopt a dog from a shelter, rescue, breed rescue, humane society, or a local animal control agency you are saving two lives: the pet you adopt and the homeless dog that there is space for now.

2. You get a healthy dog. Most animal shelters give examines, vaccines, and will spay or neuter pets before pets are available for adoption. Most shelters and rescues screen for the animal's temperament to make sure that a family gets the right pet.

3. You will save money. Adopting is less expensive than buying from a breeder or pet store. Plus when you get a dog from a shelter or rescue they are completely vetted.

4. You will feel happier. Pets have a way of putting a smile on your face, no matter what. Not only do they love you unconditionally, they have been shown to be psychologically, emotionally, and physically beneficial to people.

5. You will not be supporting puppy mills and pet stores. Puppy mills are "factory style" dog-breeding. The dogs are used over and over again for breeding until they are no longer useful. They are then dumped, killed or sold. They live in poor health conditions in cages with improper medical care. The puppies are sold online, through newspaper ads, or at pet stores, so that you never see where they are coming from, they are marketed as coming from great breeders vital to puppy-buying. Many of these puppies have serious health conditions that may not be apparent for many months and can cost thousands of dollars, if treatable at all. Many people do not even know that puppy mills exist so they are supporting this cruel industry without evening knowing. When you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue you are not supporting puppy mills. Puppy mills will continue until people start adopting and not shopping.


​​When you foster for a rescue you are helping save lives. You are taking a shelter or homeless dog into your home and giving them the love and attention they need, until ready to be adopted or they are adopted.


We need fosters because we do not have a physical shelter. We depend on fosters to give love and attention until our adoptables can find their forever home. Sometimes we get puppies and they are just too young and need special attention until they can be adopted. Dogs can show stress after being in a shelter and they need to be socialized. A foster can provide a home until a forever home is found. And one of the most important reasons is because the shelters are full!

why should i foster?

Fostering can be very rewarding. By taking an animal that needs a temporary home you are freeing up a spot in the shelter and rescue. You are also helping us find the perfect home for them because you tell us all about the pet. Additionally you are helping the pet get used to being in a home environment. 

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